Fashionable woman with sunglasses

Here are some “Quick- fix- to Cuteness” tips that every girl can use to get her gorgeous on!


Where are you in your life? Are you a new mommy, in transition, all grown up now? Where you are in your life right now will play a huge part in you being able to choose a look that best suits you. For instance if you’re turning 50, you may want to tweak the fashion ideas given to you by your 16yr old daughter, unless of course you’re feeling Forever 21.

Keep Up

Train your fashion senses to be able to identify what trend season we are in. And Keep a keen eye on where we’re going. Window shop in the hottest malls, go to thrift stores, and check out what’s going on in beauty sections of your favorite magazines. Be the first to introduce new trends, but never the last! Ride the wave, when it’s over- let it go! And don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to what you wear.


In a rut? Low on funds? It doesn’t take a shopping spree to cultivate style. You can take a simple pair of jeans, add a huge low waist belt or sash, a vintage boot and bag, take a simple t-shirt and cut it up, and Walla, you’re hot! Or add splashes of color through accessories to a solid colored outfit. You can make subtle changes to your wardrobe to give it that chic appeal. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create style, just simple touches here and there.


Shy Maybe you’ve always wanted try a rocker hair cut or a little color and the only thing holding you back is you’re afraid to commit to the change. Well now you can cheat! Try Extensions, wigs, or hair pieces and have your stylist give you that fabulous cut or color you’ve always wanted. This is also a great idea for those who like to change often or for those growing out a bad haircut or damage. Don’t be shy; anything is achievable with a little imagination.