Karicean, a Southern California native, knew from an early start that she had a desire and a drive that set her apart from many in her field. A natural visionary, and a creative innovator, Karicean desired to incorporate more of her talents than just hair styling. She quickly set out in the fashion and entertainment field to learn different aspects and management skills of each industry, respectively.

With a strong background as a hair and wardrobe stylist, coupled with a communications degree, she entered the door to the fashion industry as a publicist’s assistant at a men’s design studio in Los Angeles. It was there that she learned the methods of design and fashion creation from sketch board to department store. She worked her way from PR assistant to Sales & Marketing Manager in the course of three years.

Through her innovative branding techniques and promotional campaigns, her creative guidance was responsible for leading the company to tripling their revenues in three seasons. This success allowed Karicean to define herself early on as an image choreographer. Her cutting edge images and styling have been featured in media outlets such as Essence, Ebony Man, Fairchild and Flynt Publications. After leading a successful twelve city trunk show tour in 1997 she was invited to step into the world of runway fashion, as an assistant coordinator for the Magic Johnson’s debut fashion show. It was through these events and her ability to magnify the craftsmanship of designer collections that quickly placed her in position as creative director.

As creative director, Karicean and her staff produced electrifying images for runway presentations of some of the worlds most famous designers including Donna Karan, Betsy Johnson, Richard Tyler, and Kevin Hall. After being appointed style coordinator for the West Coast chapter of the Absolute Vodka Tour, Karicean extended her portfolio by styling for some of Americas top super models, along with various sports & television personalities. Karicean has studied and worked under numerous international hair organizations including Vidal Sassoon, Matrix, and Tony & Guy.

Internationally, Karicean’s creative talents received global attention when she developed images to teach the art of business & fashion in Tokyo. Over the years Karicean has utilized these same talents in the world of entertainment when she was appointed as the personal stylist to Axl Rose, of Guns & Roses, during his Chinese Democracy Tour. Upon her return to the U.S., Karicean landed the position of key stylist for actress Nia Long and a number of television and film projects produced on the west coast.

Karicean has an unquenchable thirst for success. She recently formed her own styling team, The P.O.S.H. Studio, which is comprised of some of L.A.’s hottest hair, make-up, and wardrobe stylists. Her mission through The P.O.S.H. Studio is to create the complete beauty experience for celebrity clientele and non-celebrity clientele alike.

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