naturally speaking

In my years of salon styling, music tours, film and photo shoots and the like; it seemed that there had always been one common thread that I’d encountered again and again. Women of curls battling with how to hide, diminish, or just plain do away with their naturally beautiful texture.

Let’s face it, we all want something that we don’t have. Curly girls wanna be straight! Straight girls are screaming, ” more curls!”. While fine textured ladies are crying…”I need volume!”, the thicker textured gals are begging “pleeeeze thin it out!”

Years of critiques and strict dictations from the powers that be on what is and isn’t socially, professionally, or fashionably acceptable drove women to try every “new thing” on the market from expensive straightening irons, to harsh chemical products so that they could to blend into a mold that was never set for them. But for many, this resulted in disaster after disaster. Poodle hair cuts, chemical damage, and severe breakage have made ladies cry out Enough!

Fast forward… women today have embraced the natural, and have decided to rock their hair the way it is, starting a whole new fashion movement. Even though it’s bouncy but not always behavin’ some say they have experienced a whole new fashion freedom in wearing that texture they’d so often run from; and have found that the pretty girl they were looking for was there all along.

The truth is we are not all cut from the same cloth. We are a beautiful bouquet of curly, wavy, thick, twist and lock wearing sisters who, naturally speaking; wear it well.

Get ready…Natural is the new SEXY!